No strain gauge signal

Diskutiere No strain gauge signal im BionX Forum im Bereich Nabenmotoren; Hi there, I have a 2013 bicycle with a factory 36V Bionx system installed. After diagnosing that my battery cells required replacing I removed the...


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Hi there,
I have a 2013 bicycle with a factory 36V Bionx system installed. After diagnosing that my battery cells required replacing I removed the battery pack (cells) and replaced them with a new set. The battery enclosure was without cells for appr 2 months while I sourced new ones.

After the battery cell replacement everything appears to be working on the G2 console except I can't get the pedal assist to work.

I can increase my assist level (visual)on the console and it switches to recovery when the right brake is pulled.
Also, the throttle works fine. I can ride the bike without using the pedals when activating the throttle. Just no stage 1-4 pedal support.

When checking code 3772 I noticed I don't get any strain sensor input. The first 2 digits on stay at 00 when pushing the pedals.

Anyone that has any suggestion?

Bad strain sensor maybe or control board?

Thanks much!


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It looks like your torque sensor is loose or defective.
Depending on the type of Bionx System the sensor is in the motor (most often used sytem) i.e 2283 and similar,
or it could be in the bottom bracket ball bearing (motors incuding gear hub like grace easy) or the rear axle droput (rather rare).
The sensors in the motor are glued on the axle and tend to get loose by age, thermal influence or too much oil on the axle.
The problem is you need to dismantle the motor to reglue the sensor on the axle .......
Somewhere here in the deep's of the forum is explained the reglue process and what glue to use.
If i remember well the user Jeni desribed it good.
i.e. #3 here BionX an Focus Jarifa - kaum mehr Unterstützung

good luck

No strain gauge signal

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