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Diskutiere Levo Einstellungen im Brose Forum im Bereich Fertig-Pedelecs; Sorry, aber ich spreche kein Deutsch, so dass ich verwendet habe, Google Translate. Ich habe vor kurzem gekauft Turbo Levo HT Comp 6Fattie. Ich...


Sorry, aber ich spreche kein Deutsch, so dass ich verwendet habe, Google Translate.

Ich habe vor kurzem gekauft Turbo Levo HT Comp 6Fattie.

Ich möchte von Ihren Erfahrungen zu lernen.

Können Sie bitte Ihre bevorzugten Einstellungen schreiben.


Eco - 20%
Trail - 40%
Turbo - 80%
Max Motor-Strom - 100%
Beschleunigungs - Normal

Danke. :)


Thanks Danny.

I live in the Peak District which is known for its hilly terrain. I'm 37 and reasonably fit. My typical circuit is about 25-30 miles with 3000-4000ft of ascent and is a mix of road, rooty forest singletrack, fire roads, technical rocky descents and loose rocky ascents.

My previous bike was a Bosch powered Cube - there are loads of opinions on here comparing Bosch with Brose and I generally agree with most of them. Personally, the Bosch feels a little more powerful and I like certain aspects such as auto shift detection which automatically backs off the orque, but I love how quiet the Brose is and how the power delivery feels more natural somehow.

I recently sold by Cube in favour of the Levo.

I picked up my Levo HT this weekend so I haven't used it much yet. I did use a test bike for a weekend a while ago, but I foolishly used Smart Control for my one big ride which I felt adapted the assist levels for me to ensure I had battery remaining at the end of my 25-30mile ride... and therefore didn't give me the best view of optimal settings for my style of riding.

I'm planning my first big ride with my new bike for this coming weekend and was interested to see which setting configurations this forum favoured as there are many Levo owners with quite a bit of experience. I don't have sufficient riding time on the Levo yet to provide an informed opinion. However, I soon will!

Thanks for the link - I'll take a read through that.


Google translate:

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TurboLevo Comp VR:Tubeless+Dächle+RE,HR:ProCore
Nice. I used to live in Cheshire, but only rode motorbike in the Peak District. That is not so different from my typical ride here in Switzerland. I have just over 500km on the bike now.

The consensus here on settings from the fitter riders, and ones that work for me, would be.
i) Tweak the wheel size to increase the max assist speed closer to 32kph vs 25kph (there is a thread on this). This reduces the power on/off effect on the fast flats.
ii) Acceleration set to minimum. Much smoother delivery especially technical climbs.
i) Set lowest assist for where you will spend most of your time. Somewhere between 10% and 20%. For me 10% is good for riding in mixed groups uphill; they will be puffed and you not but you still have to pedal.
ii) Set second assist for the real steep sections. 30-40% is more than enough.
iii) Set turbo as a demo mode for your buddies. 60% will still elicit a "wheeeeeee" as they disappear up the trail. Still useful for real steep sections where you dont want to work either.

For me at 95kg, 15% gives a range of about 1750vm and maybe 75km. If I go for a 90min solo blast, 40% soaks up most of the (460wh) battery in as little as 1000vm and 30km. The HT may give you more than the Fully.

To paraphrase the settings thread.
100% will add 300w to the crank for ever 100w you put in, upto the motor max of about 450w, so the motor will be working full steam once you are putting in a leisurely 150w, bye bye battery
50% will add 150w, max motor power will be delivered when you are doing 300w
20% will add 60w, but if you hit a really steep part that say requires you to momentarily do 600w, you will still get 360w from the motor.
Motor power simply affects the 450w, so 90% limits that to 405w etc

I actually monitor my crank watts going uphill or on the flat, and try and keep that above 200w at a 60-70rpm and set the gear accordingly.


That's really helpful - thanks Danny.

I live on the Cheshire / Derbyshire border just a few miles from Macclesfield, so presumably not too far from where you lived previously. Whilst our typical routes sound similar, I have a sneaky suspicion that your Swiss rides will have the upper hand!

I have read through the wheel size thread. Over the weekend I already reduced the wheel size to 2000mm via the Mission Control app itself but the cut-out speed didn't appear to change - per my Garmin GPS, the power on/off still sat right around 15-16mph. I'll have another play this week but I was planning to follow the instructions and tune using the 1800mm code (02000807) which I understand is broadly equal to 40kph - what code do you use for 32kph?

Your paraphrasing above is exactly the info I was looking for and makes complete sense. Thank you. You've got an extra 20kg on me plus you're using the FSR, but I'm fairly sure you're fitter than I am. So I'll likely start by configuring the assist levels at the top end of your proposals and just tweak to my liking from there as I get more miles on the bike.

I like the idea of monitoring crank watts - presumably you're doing that through the app? This thread has highlighted I still have a quite a bit to learn before asking more questions...


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Wollerau, CH
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TurboLevo Comp VR:Tubeless+Dächle+RE,HR:ProCore
The consensus seems to be that that Mission Control and Garmin show the speed calculated by the wheel revolutions not the GPS, so if you trick it the wheel is smaller, the speed will be understated.

This makes sense for various reasons, and I dont think you would feel the 2kph difference at 2000. I have yet to test with another speedo though.

I have a Garmin Edge, which is one of the models that will be able to show a whole range of LEV data and change the assist level from the screen. I dont use the app other than to tune the settings.

I was in Bowden, working up near Bolton. For me now its the pre-Alps behind my house, indeed could do worse...

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